PCCW Global, Inc.

About PCCW

The Top Facts About PCCW

We offer Global Connectivity

Our experts are on the ground in over 40 cities around the world – offering 24/7 support to our customers, anticipating their needs and working tirelessly to help them communicate successfully.

You have a Single Point of Contact

You'll have a single point of contact at PCCW Global from the moment you order, from installation to problem diagnosis and resolution.

We make the Complex...Simple

At PCCW Global, we're delivering straightforward, scalable solutions to solve complex communications challenges, so you don't have to....across all geographic boundaries, challenging environments, and changing needs.

We are Big Enough and Experience Enough to make it happen!

PCCW Group boasts some 3,000 technical experts and 100 certified project management professionals. In addition, PCCW Global is renowned for high-quality deliverables and we have established our quality control systems based on ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 accreditation.

Our Solutions are Smarter

With one of the largest private IP backbones worldwide, we're pioneering the next generation IP-based networks. Our IPX-compliant network provides an optimal voice platform for service providers globally, and supports the development and global delivery of new cutting edge IP-based services such as HD Video Calling.