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Dear Sales Partner,

To help you close International WAN projects for 2018, we're offering the below SPIFF as part of our year-end promotional campaign.

Pay outs will be made to you AND your customers for these eligible solutions:

  • One-Year Project Contract = $200 one-time bonus
  • Two-Year Project Contract = $500 one-time bonus
  • Three-Year Project Contract = $600 one-time bonus
  • $400 Bonus for any Cyber Security add-on solution
  • $400 Bonus for any UCaaS add-on solution
  • $1,000 Bonus to Agent for Console Connect, our market leading software-defined platform, AND a 12-month Freemium offer for your Customer. Learn more here!

*Based on min $1,000 MRC *SPIFF max $1,000

*Opportunities to be registered by 12/31/2018, orders to be signed by 3/31/2019

Contact us at to review your project(s) and benefit from our year-end campaign.

PCCW Global will help you sell into global markets with enterprise-class network connectivity in over 3,000 cities and 150+ countries. Our wide portfolio of communications solutions can also be viewed at


Paul Cadwell

Director, Channel Partner Sales